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Isle Fest 2020 : Update


It is with the greatest sadness that we are announcing the cancellation of Isle Fest on 18th and 19th July 2020 due to the worsening situation with Coronavirus

(COVID-19) across the UK. After lengthy discussions between both directors of LD Events It is with a heavy heart we have to take this decision but the safety and well being of our patrons, the community, the artists, our suppliers and our team have to be put first at all times.


Only 2 weeks ago we were positive in our announcement that we would all be celebrating a feel good summer party but alas this is not to be as things are changing by the day. This was an extremely difficult decision, but one we have sadly had to make. We’ve put in months of hard work to deliver another incredible festival for you all at our beautiful new site but this is an unprecedented challenge that we are facing. Right now, we are all working towards protecting our loved ones, friends and family and that should remain the priority.


ISLE FEST REFUNDS : We will issue refunds for all valid Isle Fest ticket holders either Early Bird or Online purchases.


EARLY BIRD (hard copy tickets)

Please keep the paper tickets safe as they will be needed to be handed back in for your refund the same way they were purchased. We need to make sure this is done at the correct and safest time for us all. Please bear with us but we want to reassure you that your money is safe and will be refunded.



A full refund will be issued electronically back to the card / account from which you made payment / purchase. The banks process may take anything between 2 to 5 days, this can sometimes be quicker or longer. Please note : the online booking agent "TryBooking" T&C’s that ticket sellers booking fees are not refundable (this is part of the online ticket sellers charge and terms and conditions, not Isle Fest) Refunds will come directly from TryBooking. ( )


We are all in unprecedented times but as you can image this is a very difficult time for our business with the cancellation of Isle Fest and 2 of our Island theatre shows also. We will work through everything to ensure you are all refunded (as stated please do not worry) but we have to do this the right way for all of our customers safety.

We realise people are facing some difficult personal times and ticket purchases are the not their priority but to make sure their families safety and well being is of course understandably paramount.


Although there is still some time before the festival event dates and IF we were to all find ourselves out of the current situation the window and time for ticket sales is and will be forever closing. If we were a bit further down the line on sales we may have been able to take that chance. We very shortly have a huge outlay and expense in the festival set up and we just cant take that chance financially. Many event and festival organisers are planning to reschedule their dates to later this summer. In all honesty we have no way of knowing if we would have an all clear for us to go this way, we also feel with lots of other rescheduled events we would find ourselves yet again taking a huge gamble in other events taking place and we couldn’t also guarantee securing the line up announced.


We sincerely hope to come back from this, the truth is we cant be sure but we will do our very best to bring you another 2 day music festival which the Island very much deserves. We have 3 more theatre shows planned for the remainder of 2020 on the Isle of Sheppey should you like to take a look and support them. It would be truly appreciated and help us continue :


Thank you for your patience, understanding and continued support. PLEASE SHARE.


Stay Home, Protect The NHS & Save Lives


Marc / Paul and the Isle Fest Team